Cocoa Paper baking moulds and bags


Cocoa PaperTM derives from an innovative botanical technology that uses the shells from chocolate industry and transforms them into a paper of superb quality with a natural texture and unique aesthetics.

Cocoa PaperTM is a perfect example of the Circular Economy. The cocoa shells from the production of chocolate are used to create compostable paper that breaks down back into the earth after use.

Responsible raw materials outsourcing:
– FSC certified paper (certified suppliers for foodchain production).
– Biodegradable and compostable papers.
Our products are provided in boxes & bags:
– recyclable plastic bags
– recycled cardboard boxes
Circular Economy approach:
– Paper derived from alternative cellulose sources, secondary
raw material.
Sustainable production:
– Resource efficiency: reduction of energy and raw materials
consumption through implementation of industry 4.0 automatization.
– Eco-Design: product development is considered from raw
material to disposal/end of life.





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