influence consumer buying behaviour

The fact that packaging plays an important role in the buying process of consumers has been known for a long time now. Appearance and functionality are essential. The challenge is to add extra value to your product on the shop shelf. A product must convey a justifiable story while at the same time be appealing. What triggers your consumers and how do you translate this to packaging? 

And what about the changing retail landscape? Are there additional demands in the fast-growing direct-to-consumer channel? What will the future bring and how will you respond as a brand owner? 

what will you learn in the retail lab?

The first impression is crucial, especially if you consider that consumers are more and more willing to switch to a different brand. How do you stand out and at the same time ensure that the product meets the requirements of both retailer and consumer? Meet our lab technicians in the retail lab and receive insightful tips about the latest innovations that allow you to distinguish yourself on the (digital) shop shelf.

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