diversity of packaging materials

Naturally, the great diversity of packaging materials brings with it questions about sustainability. Primary packaging, however, has important functions. It protects the product, but also extends shelf life. In 2019, consumers are environmentally conscious, and people are increasingly wondering whether the use of certain packaging materials is really necessary. However, people rarely take into account the functionality of the materials, such as extension of shelf life in the food sector.

what will you learn in the material lab?

Many discussions currently revolve around reduction and recycling of plastic. More and more multinationals are introducing alternative solutions to prevent plastic pollution. In the material lab, we take this one step further. Here, all solutions for innovation in materials are presented. Materials must remain distinctive, natural, and authentic. Think of portion packaging, mono materials, personalisation, and digital print. The material lab is closely associated with the green lab, in which sustainable packaging is explicitly highlighted.

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