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Due to the consequences of the recent Covid-19 measures Packaging Innovations is rescheduled to 17 & 18 November 2021. We will provide you with new information soon.

Since the first edition, Packaging Innovations is well-known for their highly appreciated speaker program. The aim of this speaker program is to enable visitors to return home with lots of more knowledge, full of inspiration and with an expansion of their network.

The 7th edition of Packaging Innovations brings again a high-quality speaker program in which the current key topics of the packaging industry will be discussed.

sustainability vs covid-19: from environmental problem to environmental solution

The impact of COVID-19 will bring a lasting change in the packaging industry. Sustainable packaging materials remain a high topic, but COVID-19 also fuels the discussion about plastic packaging. Besides that, the need of hygiene increases due to corona and it leads to a new way of business operations and innovations. How realistic is a sustainable growth after the corona crisis? What kind of influence will the pandemic have on the perception of customers? We will take a deep dive into this new packaging dimension, in which humanity is prepared for a similar outbreak. Or do we fall back into our old habits?


Innovatieve bezorgdienst in glazen potten
Pieter Pot wil dat het toegankelijk wordt om boodschappen te doen zonder verpakkingen, zonder extra moeite, kosten of tijd. We weten allemaal dat we onze planeet voortdurend vervuilen met grote hoeveelheden verpakkingsafval maar we handelen er niet naar, omdat het vaak nog te veel moeite kost. Pieter Pot wil milieuvriendelijk boodschappen doen net zo gemakkelijk maken als naar de reguliere supermarkt gaan. Op dit moment levert Pieter Pot boodschappen verpakkingsvrij, door ze in glazen potten bij je thuis te bezorgen én weer op te halen. Precies zoals de melkboer dat vroeger deed: een gevulde fles melk en hij nam je lege flessen weer mee terug.

influence consumer behavior with out of the box design thinking

Powered by FONK

Packaging design determines the success of the product. How do you convince the consumer to purchase your product? How do you successfully put your product in the online shelf? How do you address multiple target audiences with your packaging design?Generation Z has very different requirements than young, working parents and those wishes are totally different from a high school shopper. In what way will your research be decisive in that case? And what could be the role of more intuitive design?

the online shelf from the future

Super marketeers are busy digitizing the supermarket industry. The challenging route of packaging in the retail landscape is not only about sustainable packaging, but also about convenience, personalization and technological aspects. Smart-packaging offers the ideal opportunity to offer something extra to consumers during or after the purchase, but can also directly support a product. Is your packaging future-proof? Get to know the (online) shelf of the future.


Powered by Pentawards

The world’s leading packaging design awards strikes down once again during Packaging Innovations. The Pentawards Conference will be the place where design, brand and technology collides. Whether it is food, drinks, cosmetics, books, or luxury items, successful packaging serves to stir the senses and appeal to our emotions in ways that are as subtle as they are striking. Visit the conference and get inspired through the presentation of live outstanding packaging design cases.

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