what is the environmental impact of your packaging?

The packaging industry is considered to be one of the prominent faces of sustainability. In the Netherlands, people open approx. 7 packages a day. Given that this accounts for 20% of the total Dutch waste, this raises questions about sustainability. Discussions are often about reducing packaging materials, but did you know that the environmental impact in the food sector is many times higher in case of ‘underpackaging‘ compared to ‘overpackaging‘? Naturally, certain materials are always avoided, but the removal of plastic may in some cases result in a greater environmental impact. In addition to sustainability in terms of packaging, sustainable production to ensure CO2-neutral operations is also increasingly being considered. The issue of sustainable packaging is often related to the recycling process. What will this look like in the future? Which new sustainable materials can we expect in the near future? To ensure the right synergy, the green lab is closely associated with the material lab.

get answers to the following questions:

  • What materials can we use for a sustainable CO2 footprint?
  • Can certain materials be produced in a thinner form?
  • Which packaging is recyclable or reusable?
  • What will the added value of recyclable mono materials be in the future?
  • Can energy be retrieved from residual materials?
  • Does the production process take into account CO2 emissions?

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