packaging design is of essential importance

Packaging design is a powerful communication tool. Smart packaging design results in the right brand experience and product recognition. But what exactly is ‘smart packaging design’? How do you ensure that you stand out both online and in retail? Do you opt for unique packaging with a focus on product information, or not? And do you take into account the various associations our human brain has with different colours and shapes? Our design lab technicians include members of influential design agencies, who allow your product to shine—both online and on the shelves.

distinctive packaging design

  • Designers influence sustainable packaging design. Do you consider recyclable products in the design phase? 
  • The retail landscape is changing, and direct to consumer business models are increasing in popularity. What do both retailers and consumers expect from these models? 
  • Brand providers use packaging as a communication tool. How do you implement ‘storytelling’ in your packaging design?
  • Consumers use packaging as a navigation tool. How do you make sure your packaging stands out on the shelf and that the consumer has access to the right information and subsequently purchases the product? 

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