TrustMyChicken™ boxpouch


“We are looking for an innovative, paper, stand-up pouch for our new line of user-friendly frozen chicken products”, said Charlotte Zandbergen, Marketing Manager of Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat, over a year ago. The deep-frozen pre-cooked chicken products, ready to use in salads or quick healthy meals, are a relief for the modern consumer. A dosable product to reduce foodwaste. The packaging had to contribute to this sustainable vision. With several partners and smart innovations, the TrustMyChicken™ packaging is a fact: a very stable boxpouch, which is made fully automatic from film on roll, supplied by DeeDee. The chosen material is a paper-look and paper-feel plastic, which is perfectly resistant to the cold and moisture of the frozen supply chain. And this packaging is definitely sustainable too! By not using real paper, the KIDV recycling check states that this packaging falls into the orange (instead of red for paper) category and has restricted recyclability (the KIDV is a Dutch knowledge centre on durability). The consumer is motivated to sort this packaging with the plastic waste, also by using the Plastic Heroes logo. So, we are very proud of this innovative packaging! Proud of the sustainable result, but also proud of the partnerships with Zandbergen, the design / development agency, the filler AND the manufacturer of the fully automatic filling line. Only together, we are able to take major steps forward in innovation. Have you also become curious about TrustMyChicken™ and the several products in this range? Then take a look at and! Do you also want to develop such a great new concept and involve several partners into an innovation team? Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to help you!






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