Design for the circular economy


Jasper and Melvin, the laundry enthusiasts and founders of fair-trade brand Seepje, introduce a new range of liquid laundry detergents. These products are available in their webshop and in 1000 shops around The Netherlands. We created packaging for these new kids on the soap block.

The detergents are made of the peels of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruits from Nepal. They contain a natural kind of soap, that is released when exposed to water. Pulverized by Nepalese farmers, the Dutch team turns it into a liquid extract once it arrives in The Netherlands. Liquid ‘Seepjes’ exist for 80% of this extract. They add other ‘clean’ ingredients for more cleaning power and a delicious scent.

Available for white and colored laundry, your wash smells great and feels super soft.They asked us to create a sustainable packaging solution that stands out on the shelf. We came up with the iconic shape of soap, of course, a wink to clean.

This typical shape ensures a secure grip for the user and reduces material use compared to regular detergent handles. The shape, pastel colors and the soft touch all refer to softness. As you can read on the bottom of the bottle, they are made out of recycled plastic milk bottles. Generous Minds created the labels that consist of waste products of sugar cane production. Sustainable use of materials!

To help users recycle, even more, we choose for labels that are easily detachable, enabling consumers to separate materials. Seepje is collaborating with farmers in Nepal, who take care of harvesting and processing these peelings in a socially responsible way. In 2016, Seepje products regenerated an income for 60 Nepalese families. Seepje intends to ‘wash our world cleaner en more beautiful.’

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