Packaging Innovations postponed to November 2021

AMSTERDAM – The upcoming edition of Packaging Innovations, which was on the agenda in November 2020, will be postponed to November 2021. The current exhibitors of Packaging Innovations supported this decision. “The recent developments regarding COVID-19 demanded a new analysis of the situation. Our primary task is to listen to and think along with the community. For this reason, we have made an inventory among our exhibitors with regards to the continuation of Packaging Innovations 2020. The results of the inventory show the majority chose to postpone their participation to 2021. As a result of this outcome, we have decided to postpone the exhibition to the next year. The planned location – Taets Amsterdam – will remain unchanged, ”says Rowdy van den Nieuwenhuizen, Head of Content at Easyfairs.


Trade fairs are designated by the Dutch government as a transfer location, which means no limitation concerning group size. The Packaging Innovations team had put everything into action to organize the fair in a safe and responsible manner. Van den Nieuwenhuizen states: “We are very sure Easyfairs is able to organize trade fairs in a safe way. We are also supported in this by local government agencies and the security region. On the other hand, we have recently felt a changing sentiment from our exhibitors and other parties involved. That’s something we don’t want to close our eyes to. We want to avoid at all times the measures being taken at the expense of the successful concept. Not only does this concept go hand in hand with the experiences, it also depends the offer of innovative packaging experts and the influx of curious visitors.”


Proactive communication to the community

Despite the fact that no restrictions have been imposed on the organization of trade fairs in November this year, the organization has opted for a proactive approach with the postponement to

November 2021. Van den Nieuwenhuizen explains: “As mentioned earlier, this is an exceptional situation and we have to think along with the community. Packaging Innovations has been a household name for thousands of professionals for many years. We can only maintain this by setting up a qualitative fair together with our exhibitors and partners. At this point the market is asking us to make a decision. An inventory among current exhibitors tells us that, with the exception of a few, they wish to move to November 2021. We are extremely pleased with the commitment from the exhibitors and look forward to an inspiring and above all interactive environment in 2021.”


Packaging Innovations 2021

“In the coming period we will be contacting all exhibitors and parties involved and will do our utmost to postpone this trade fair as smooth as possible. Together we are going to work on another successful edition in 2021 during which the sector can meet and do business in an informal atmosphere ”, says Corine Visser, brand new Head of Cluster of the Packaging, Print & Logistics and Bakkersvak & IJs-Vak team. “I imagined the introduction to the market differently, in particular with a great edition of Packaging Innovations in November 2020. Unfortunately, that is not possible now. But at the same time, this offers us the opportunity to organize a high-end edition of Packaging Innovations next year”, Visser concludes.

Packaging Innovations 2021 will take place in November 2021 in Taets Amsterdam. Due to the private circumstances at Taets the new dates are not yet confirmed. More details will be announced later.

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