Get the most out of your badge reader

Turn your visitors into valuable leads

The badge reader

To improve the visitor experience, all exhibitors will receive a badge reader. This is part of the EasyGo package. The reader’s wireless sensor transmits both product and company information that you’ve uploaded to your My Easyfairs environment. The number of badge readers that you will receive depends on the EasyGo package that you have chosen.

How does it work?

By scanning the badge with your badge reader, your visitors will automatically receive product and company information (only the information that you’ve uploaded via My Easyfairs) at the end of the day via email.

Your benefits as an exhibitor

Easily share your company information

By scanning a visitor badge, even visitors that you've not actually talked to will receive your information.

Reduce costs and waste

Thanks to digital company information, you'll save on brochures, catalogues, and print material. In other words, fewer (transportation) costs and no risk that visitors will 'lose' the information during the day.

Boost the visitor experience

Visitors who scan your badge will receive your information digitally. This is a must in the current digital landscape. Not to mention, it's a super convenient way for visitors to subsequently share information with colleagues and acquaintances.

More contacts and possibilities

Combine the use of your badge reader with the Visit Connect Web Application (available from EasyGo Leads and onwards) and also scan the badges of your visitors. By doing so, you are in the lead and have access to log your conversations with visitors. This makes the follow up even more effortless. Stimulate your visitors to scan the badge reader in order to exchange information with the visitor that you have not been able to speak to in person. If you've signed up for GoLeads, GoPlus, or GoPremium you'll receive a list of visitors who have scanned your stand's badge reader. GoVisibility does not include this feature.

Simplify lead generation after the show

As mentioned above, GoLeads, GoPlus, or GoPremium include a list of visitors who have shown interest in receiving your company information digitally. No more time-consuming sharing of business cards or contact forms. Naturally, this also allows you to follow up on your leads more easily.

How does the Smartbadge work?

How to set up the badge reader during Packaging Innovations 2022?

1. Collect your badge reader from the Business Point/Trade Fair Secretariat on the final day of preparation.
2. Place the badge reader in your stand: easily visible to your visitors, easily accessible, and at the right height for easy scanning. Need advice? We are happy to help you out!
3. Place the green sticker in the location where you want to place the badge reader.
4. Remove your badge reader’s strip and place the device on the green sticker.
5. The reader’s batteries are sufficient for the entire event.
6. On the last day of the event, return the badge readerat the end of the day to the Business Point.

7. In case of GoLeads, GoPlus, or GoPremium you’ll receive a list of visitors who have scanned your badge reader. You may also request this information via My Easyfairs

If you have GoVisibility, you can decide to upgrade to another package at a later stage, providing you with access to the list of visitors.

Please note The badge reader will remain property of Poken NV. In case of a non-returned badge reader, you’ll be charged €500.

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