the benefits of Easygo

Since 2019, EasyGo has been included as a standard package during Packaging Innovations. It is a service package with a wide range of marketing tools based on the most recent developments within digital marketing technology.

Naturally, we are extremely excited to once again introduce EasyGo during Packaging Innovations 2020. Not only does EasyGo allow exhibitors to get even more out of their participation, it also gives visitors the opportunity to collect relevant information during their visit.

As an exhibitor...

your visibility will be increased prior to the event and following up on leads has never been this easy. You can choose from four different EasyGo packages. There is a suitable package for all types of exhibitor objectives.


Prior to the event, you will fill out your online profile with product and company information in My Easyfairs. The information from this profile will subsequently be shared with visitors who have shown interest during the event. Naturally, you are fully in control with regards to the information shared. The more extensive your profile, the more information can be shared with potential new relations, however.

The visitor...

can easily scan all the exhibits they’re interested in using their visitors badge (presented upon arrival), after which all relevant information will be automatically sent to their inbox after the event. As an exhibitor, it is therefore crucial that you fill out your My Easyfairs profile as detailed as possible.

Even if you’ve not had a face-to-face chat during the event, EasyGo allows you to share relevant information and generate leads more easily than ever.

What package will you choose?

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