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FLEX/design is a design consultancy from the Netherlands founded in 1988. We love to work alongside our clients in turning their goals into products and services that create economic, social, and environmental value – not just for brands or consumers, but all of us.

The Internet has transformed the way we create and interact with objects. Today’s customers demand products and services where physical and digital are seamlessly integrated – and for today’s design solutions this means exploring the links between trends and ideas, man and machine, potential and possibility.

We’re here to help our clients take advantage of this moment in time to create products with real meaning. By combining insights from in-depth consumer research, technical innovation and our clients’ commercial expertise, we create tools and experiences that connect the dots between people, technology and business.

We love working for ambitious companies that share our vision, whether they’re large multinationals, family run businesses or start-ups. With amongst others InBev, AkzoNobel ,Unilever, Ultimaker, Tefal, Philips, Hortilux, Otolift, Lely, HERO, PostNL, LEGO, TomTom, Bugaboo, Porceleyne Fles and Albert Heijn we intensively collaborate and create great new concepts for the future .
FLEX/design – Connecting the dots between people, technology and business.

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